Modifications & Enforcement

Modifications and Enforcement

Koch Law Firm understands that life is often unpredictable and things may change after your original order is signed. Child related matters fluctuate with time and a modification to your existing order may become necessary. A substantial change to a parent’s income, the relocation of a parent, or a child over the age of 12 expressing interest to live with the other parent may require a modification to the parenting plan. Such changes may call for an increase or decrease in child support, a change in custody, or a revision of the current custody plan. Enforcement is a way to make sure that the parenting plan and child support order is being complied with. An enforcement action may be necessary if a party is not complying with a previously ordered property division, child support payment, or the visitation schedule. If you believe there has been a material substantial change to the life of your child or a party to your case, or if the court’s order is not being complied with, let Koch Law Firm’s experience work for you and get you the modification or enforcement you are seeking. To discuss your questions about modification or enforcement with a lawyer at Koch Law Firm, call (469) 328-8376 to schedule your consultation. You can also always fill out a contact form and someone from our firm will reach out to you soon.

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